Letterpress Invitations

Our unique letterpress wedding invitations are printed the old-fashioned way, using vintage cast-iron presses, the best paper, time, patience, perfection, and a whole lot of love.

A bit of history about letterpress printing, it’s a process that is literally hundreds of years old! In 1457 Gutenberg invented the first printing press with moveable type. That is each letter was a separate carving and could be used again and again in different pages on different books, everything from church documents to newspapers were printed using this process.

There can be little debate about the exceptional quality of a letterpress-printed piece. Our letterpress invitations are sunken deep into the surface of the cotton rag paper, a look that is both alluring to the eye and irresistibly. soft to the touch.

We offer not just invitations but all matching accessories such as maps, menu’s, programs and so much more.

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